Madison Square Park is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street in Manhattan.  Thousands of local people and tourists pass daily through the park. It is a recurring client of Pentagram, which is located next to the Park. Every season, Pentagram designs new banners that hang around the Park. During my tenure at Pentagram, I designed the Summer and Winter banner for 2013.

(Source:, via typographie)


Aaron Canning    |

"The ‘A’ symbol embodies my own aesthetic and approach to design. It is clean, minimal and typographic. No more than it needs to be a simple representation of my work. The overall identity is strong with impact but also retains an elegant feel. I used a collection of design associated words as a visual element, some using alliteration and some not. A photo of me when I was two adds to the character and extends the visual language making it even more personal."

Aaron Canning is a graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland. He is extremely passionate about typography, book design and everything minimal. His work has a strong emphasis on structure, simplicity and clarity to convey his brief as accurately and precisely as possible. 

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