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En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot) premiered at the Théâtre de Babylone, Paris on 5 Jan. 1953.

Pitch Dating & Creating is an online platform that is all about allowing emerging graphic designers to connect, collaborate and create. It gives young designers the opportunity to maintain that creative momentum of university and transition competitively into the industry.

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Japanese Poster: Style Now Outdoor Mix. Minna Design. 2013


Meric Algun Ringborg
Eternity,infinity, 2013
MIART 2014

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tony oursler’s the influence machine was an incredible installation in soho square in 2000. the show was an artangel commission. artangel’s website has thorough archive and information from the influence machine - and on all their other projects.



#artangel leaves frames and mattes outside 499 broadway


Japanese Poster: Architectural Theory Now. Shohei Iida. 2013


Alejandro Guijarro - Momentum (2010-)

"The artist travels to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world and, using a large-format camera, photographs blackboards as he finds them. 

Momentum displays the photographs in life-size. 

Before he walks into a lecture hall Guijarro has no idea what he might find. He begins by recording a blackboard with the minimum of interference. No detail of the lecture hall is included, the blackboard frame is removed and we are left with a surface charged with abstract equations. 

Effectively these are documents. Yet once removed from their institutional beginnings the meaning evolves. The viewer begins to appreciate the equations for their line and form. Color comes into play and the waves created by the blackboard eraser suggest a vast landscape or galactic setting. The formulas appear to illustrate the worlds of Quantum Mechanics. What began as a precise lecture, a description of the physicist’s thought process, is transformed into a canvas open to any number of possibilities.”

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Japanese Exhibition Graphics: Yamagata Biennale. Akaoni Design. 2014


Japanese Concert Poster: Orchestra Festival. Kazuaki Akizawa. 2013